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Ambiente, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 3-7 th of February 2023

At Ambiente, the world's premier consumer goods trade fair, we made a splash with our innovative product line that included a special collection of greeting cards with unique designs and welcoming gestures. It was our first time showcasing this exciting collection, and we were thrilled to receive positive feedback from buyers and suppliers from around the globe. As an internationally recognized brand, MARCH design studio is proud to bring fresh and meaningful ideas to the table at Ambiente.

, Paris, France, 8-12 th of September 2022

Step into a world of boundless creativity at Maison&Objet Paris, where we recently showcased our brand! We had a blast meeting new people, exploring trends, and seizing unique business opportunities at this highly anticipated event for the decoration and lifestyle industry. With its dynamic MOM and a treasure trove of inspiration, it was an unforgettable experience.

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FORMEX, Stockholm, Sweden, 23-26 th of August 2022

We had a blast at Formex, a renowned exhibition for the interior design and gift industry! Our product development design studio wowed visitors with our innovative products and had a blast connecting with buyers, wholesalers, and designers from all over the world. The fair was a treasure trove of trends, inspiration, and knowledge through exhibitions and lectures. We're incredibly grateful for the opportunity and can't wait for more exciting exhibitions in the future! Let the creativity continue to soar!

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POP UP, Vilnius, Lithuania, 12-15th of May 2022

No unusual location… just a POP-UP store in a Lukiškių kalėjimas 2.0 previous detention center. 

Though, no matter what is the history of this place, MARCH's reflective objects shine as bright as before.

Blickfang, Basel, Switzerland, 6-8th of May 2022
MARCH goes global, again!
This time, we visited Blickfang fair in Basel, Switzerland.
Three days in the Alps were full of shine and positive waves from the attendees - it is always great to hear great feedback.
We have also sneak-peaked MARCH new goods, keep posted to see them soon.

Maison & Objet, Paris, France, 9-13th of September 2021

After more than a year of break, we went abroad to discover the world again.
This time, MARCH had all reasons to shine brighter than ever before. 
We have already discovered that stylish badges, shoelaces, socks can reflect in the dark. What was next? In 2021 we launched a new product - the new MARCH backpacks also shine out. Moreover, we have added new colours & patterns to our previously only white outlook having table cloths and weightless totes, also MARCH swinging reflectors now come with fade tones.

Stay visible, bright and stylish!

AMBIENTE Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 07-11th of February 2020

Full of doubt, but still brave move – MARCH is participating in AMBIENTE trade show. Taking into consideration all safety requirements and focusing on the latest news we are heading to hopefully not the last trade show in pandemic times.  



MAISON&OBJET Paris, France, 17-21st of January 2020 

MARCH is participating in the MAISON&OBJET Paris trade show for the second time in winter. Snowy Paris mornings perfectly fits with our latest geographic pin collection. Yes, you read it right, we are presenting wearable geographic location pins in the MARCH booth. Marking each country visited, bringing warmest memories from each trip and pinning them to last. This wearable souvenir works as a regular MARCH reflective badge designed on a graphic card with a picturesque view of furthest worlds corners. Be safe and keep your memories to last! 



Le Magasin by Valise Christmas (edition 2.0), Berlin, Germany, starting from 7th of November, 2019

The Valise Creative Consultancy returns with a co-retail experience highlighting outstanding hand-picked & curated lifestyle brands for the Christmas shopping season October 24th - December 31st, 2019 in Berlin. MARCH brand is one of the chosen participants and is glad to be a part of this co-retail experience. 



HABITARE, Helsinki, Finland, 11-15th of September 2019

Helsinki is almost a MARCH capital! Very well received in Finland and already popular in the country MARCH is always happy to be back in countries’’ biggest design market HABITARE. Dedicated to consumers and clients Helsinki people always greet us with warm smiles and asks “what new items do you have?”. Meaning we have quite a fan base up there J 



Interior Lifestyle China, Shanghai, 11-13th of September 2019

A trip to China, well that’s ground-breaking news! We are extremely happy to be a part of the united Lithuanian stand in the Shanghai trade show. This is our first trial to enter the Chinese market together with 16 other Lithuanian companies.




MAISON&OBJET Paris, France, 6-10th of September 2019

This autumn in Paris MARCH presents two highlights – reflective and writable wear. The reflective line is designed to shine out from the crowd and be spotted in the dark. Reflective t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, and tote bag help increase visibility on the road and promote safety in everyday routine. Encourages you to leave those boring, old-fashioned reflectors on the top shelf and start wearing reflective items. Look good at sunrise, stay safe at night-time! Meanwhile, MARCH’s writable clothing collection is dedicated to all brave storytellers. You don’t need an Internet connection to spread your word to the World. Let your creativity guide you and make a statement directly on MARCH writable t-shirt and sweatshirt. MARCH invites you to re-think your everyday apparel. Stand out from the crowd dressed in reflective or writable wear collections.



Oslo Design Fair, Norway, 28-30th of August 2019

For the first time, March design studio together with official representatives in Norway is participating in the Oslo Design Fair! Alongside Norway’s distributor SEEME, we are introducing our latest reflective collection – reflective socks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bag to business clients. Norway is a perfect country to try out new reflective things, so we are ready!



FORMEX, Stockholm, Sweden, 20-23rd of August 2019

Glad to be back in Stockholm for the second time. The first FORMEX Design Fair was a blast and great success despite cold winter challenges when building a stand, but our second time is filled with excitement. This time MARCH is ready to present its latest reflective collection suitable for dark Scandinavian winters – reflective socks, reflective apparel and latest tote bag design.



Creative Morning Vilnius x Vilnius Design Week, 14th of May, 2019

On Friday, March design studio general manager Egle Opeikiene gave a speech on our brand's philosophy, experience worldwide, how to grow, and become an international company. For those who have missed - small takeaway: brands & designers collaboration help small business get bigger and we need to preserve this collaborative model. Thank you Creative morning Vilnius and Vilnius Design Week for inviting us! 



Design Auction x Vilnius Design Week, 8-10th of May 2019

In collaboration with Vilnius Design Week MARCH sold its unique pieces in Design Auction: unique colour sweatshirt and last magnetic mirror for a record price! We are extremely happy to be a part of this wonderful adventure.


AMBIENTE Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 8-12 of February 2019. Fifth time in Ambiente. 

Once upon a time in Germany… Well, this is not the first, nor the last time visiting Frankfurt, but always a big business trip. AMBIENTE is no exception – MARCH is presenting its latest reflective badge metallic collection! As we say, shine out from the crowd and be safe! This time in brand new colours. 


MAISON&OBJET Paris, France, 18-22nd of January 2019

January trip to MAISON&OBJET Paris is not a usual thing to do, but we couldn’t hide our new items anymore. MARCH design studio is presenting it’s latest products – a camera cover and scratchable card! Our beloved clients would be introduced to a new safety item for mobile or laptop devices, also would be surprised and filled with dopamine when trying out our scratchable card.\