FQA Reflective buttons

How do I attach reflective buttons on my coat?

Remove your old buttons from your coat and sew MARCH reflective buttons instead. Each button has a little plastic back with a hole like a regular button. What you need are a thread and a needle. Another way to attach buttons on any soft surface is to use safety pins, which are included in the packaging. Pin the buttons on any item you like.


Do all colors reflect light in the same intensity?

The intensity of reflection varies depending on color. The best-reflecting color is silver. Other colors reflect light very well.  The easiest way to check is to take a picture with a flash on when you receive the item.


Could I wash my jacket or coat in a washing machine when buttons are replaced?

We highly recommend taking your jacket or coat to a dry cleaner when buttons are replaced.  The washing machine might damage the surface of reflective material.