FQA Writable t-shirt/sweatshirt dot print & block print

How do I write on MARCH t-shirt/sweatshirt?

Use chalk included in the packaging. Place a t-shirt or sweatshirt onto a flat surface. Write or draw preferable content. Blow away small white dust and put on the garment. 


Is the chalk included in the packaging?

Yes, the chalk is included in the packaging.


Could I use regular chalk if I loose the one in packaging?

Yes, you could use any regular chalk, which is suitable for writing on a blackboard.


How do I remove written text from MARCH t-shirt/sweatshirt?

One option is simply to throw a t-shirt or sweatshirt into the washing machine. Another option is to clean writable black are using wet wipes or soft sponge.


Could a t-shirt/sweatshirt be washed in a washing machine?

Yes, a writable t-shirt or sweatshirt could be washed in a washing machine at 30-40°C.


Could a t-shirt/sweatshirt be placed in a dryer?

Yes, writable a t-shirt or sweatshirt could be put in a dryer.


Could the writable area be ironed?

The writable area could be steamed with a steamer or ironed when a t-shirt or sweatshirt is inside out.


Does the written area crack or come off after washing?

The writable are is made from high-quality paint and designed for a long-lasting effect. It does not come off or crack after multiple times of use.


Does a writable t-shirt/sweatshirt have a certificate?

Writable t-shirts and sweatshirts have these approvals and certificates:

  • OEKO-Tex
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), organic certified CU819434
  • Is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation
  • PETA approved as vegan 

What is the difference between dot print and block print writable t-shirts/sweatshirts?

The differences between these two collections are in material, design, and packaging. New dot print collection is made from organic cotton, has a round shape writable area, and is packed in cardboard box packaging. The latest collection is more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and improved design.