FQA Swinging reflector

How do I attach MARCH swinging reflector to my bag? 

Use rubber string to attach the swinging reflector. You might fasten it on a backpack, a bag strap, or on a loop. You might also adjust the length of the rubber part by making a new knot and cutting off the unnecessary part.


Does MARCH swinging reflector have a certificate?

Yes, the silver swinging reflector has a certificate EN13356:2001. It meets all safety regulations and is a verified safety reflector.


Does the black color reflector reflect light?

Yes, black color reflects light very well. The easiest way to check the intensity of the reflection is to take a picture with a flash when you receive the item.


Why it is made from soft material?

The purpose of having a soft safety reflector is to be able to hang it onto leather goods.  It does not scratch the surface of your bag, backpack, or jacket. It is silent which means there is no sound when you walk. A soft reflector is very easy to remove when you do not need it anymore. Note, the soft reflector itself is easy bending, folding, and will have marks when used. It is totally normal that in time items will have marks or folding parts.