FQA Reflective sticker

How do I attach MARCH reflective sticker to my personal items?

The backside of the reflective sticker is glue-based. Its high-quality glue does not leave any trace when removed. You could stick reflective accessory to any sleek or hard surface like leather, plastic, metal, textile. Sticker is designed in a way that you could easily remove it and does not ruin your clothing or any other personal item.


Does a reflective sticker have a certificate?

MARCH reflective sticker in silver color meets all safety accessory requirements EN13356:2001.


Could I re-use or re-attach the same sticker?

Once the sticker is placed on your personal item it can be easily removed. Unfortunately, the same sticker cannot be re-used. We highly recommend sticking the reflective sticker to items that you do not wash very often like a backpack, leather jacket, leather bag, backpack, shoes, bike, helmet, etc.


Could I wash it in a washing machine?

We highly recommend not washing it in a washing machine since it might come off. You may take your personal items to a dry cleaner.


Does black reflective sticker reflect light?

Yes, a black reflective sticker reflects light very well. The easiest way to check is to take a picture with a flash on when you receive the item.