FQA Reflective badge

How MARCH reflective badge works?

Reflective badge works as a regular safety reflector. When it’s dark outside and a light source is directly pointed to the reflective surface it reflects that light.  The badge does not shine by itself since it is not an electronic device or chargeable in any case. 

Do all reflective badge colors reflect light in the same intensity?

Reflective intensity depends on the reflective material color. All colors reflect light well only the angle of reflection is different. The best reflective colors are all metallic colors (silver, metallic pink, metallic blue, metallic gold).  The black badge reflects light very well, despite being dark. Less reflection intensity might be considered red, orange, and blue colors.

Do reflective badges have a certificate?

MARCH reflective badges are considered to be a reflective accessory. Badge in silver color meets all safety regulations EN13356:2001.

How do I attach a reflective badge on my cloth?

In the back of each reflective badge, there is a metal pin. Use this metal pin to attach your reflective accessory to any soft surface. Do not use for leather or hard material since the min might damage the surface. The reflective badge could be placed on a coat, jacket, backpack, tote bag, a hat, etc. 

Can I wash it in a washing machine?

We would highly recommend not to place the badge in a washing machine since it might scratch the reflective surface. Please, do not put it in a dryer as well. For cleaning the badge surface we would recommend using a soft sponge or wet wipe. Do not use any harmful or very intense stain removers or bleach since it might affect the color.

Does faded color reflect light?

Faded areas in the FADE reflective collection (purple, green, black, yellow, green, orange) do not reflect the light, only the silver part is reflective.