FQA Elastic & reflective shoelaces

How do I use MARCH elastic shoelaces and how it works?

Place the shoelaces in the preferable shoe. Since elastic shoelaces are stretchable adjust the right tension in your shoes and make a knot. Once the knot is made you no longer need to make it once again. You could easily slip in and out of the shoe with a knot in place. If your type of shoes is higher ankle boots you might need to do the knot anyway. Elastic MARCH shoelaces let your feet move freely and do not press your feet. Reflective thread in the shoelaces reflects light in the dark when car lights point directly to you.

Click a link for instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26P33xmBXQU


How to choose the right size laces for my shoes?

We recommend choose shoelaces depending on what type of shoe you have:

50 cm for smart & kids shoes
100 cm for sneakers, sport shoes
120 cm for sneakers, sport shoes
A tip: if a shoe has up to 3 pairs eyelets, then choose 50cm. If a shoe has more than 5 pairs of eyelets, choose a 120 cm.