FQA Birdhouse

How do I assemble MARCH birdhouse?

  1. Open the packaging box, find the ropes
  2. Pull the ropes which are marked with indications “pull”
  3. Adjust the birdhouse walls and fix the ropes with plastic ends
  4. Make sure the walls are tight enough and hang it on the thee or any other object.

Click to see the assembling video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU90UnyjmfI


What kinds of birds live in MARCH birdhouse?

A birdhouse is suitable for small garden birds.


Could I clean it and re-use it again?

Yes, you could clean the birdhouse after each season. Untie the ropes and unfix the plastic endings in the back of the birdhouse. Do not fold out it completely, loosen the walls and clean the inside. When done, fix plastic endings and tie the birdhouse back to the tree.


Why there is no sitting point for a bird next to a hole?

It is designed intentionally without a resting point next to the hole. In this way, predators could not hunt or hold onto the birdhouse and catch the garden bird.


Why birdhouse is from plastic and not from wood?

Birdhouse doesn’t have to be only made from wood.  Ornithologists approve MARCH plastic birdhouse and it is safe to live in. Plastic is much lighter than wood, easily transported, long-lasting and more adaptable to urban houses.